Next Day on the Ghan train

After a decent night’s sleep, we were up pretty early (6.15/6.30 ish), for an early morning stop at Marla.  There was next to nothing there, but a nice place to watch the sun rise.

guess who were up at 615am ?

It was nicely organised.  Fires lit, lanterns marking your way in the dark, bacon and egg rolls, tea and coffee.  We also met a crew member who happened to be from Haslemere in Surrey which was coincidentally interesting.

Back on the train again for the off, and a little later off for brunch.

Onwards we continued, with Alice Springs the next stop scheduled just after lunch.

We opted to go freestyle in Alice Springs, rather than one of the tours.  We strolled into the town centre – a hot hot day 40c/102f which in itself was ok, but loads of flies around (wished I had worn my bee-keepers hat) which were more a nuisance than the type that bite.  Still, we had fun in between the various bug sprays.  Stopped for a bite to eat in a sports bar type place, where we were served by a girl from California and a guy from Jacksonville Florida .  Then a bit of shopping – couple of aboriginal artefacts.  Saw lots of aborigines walking around, going about their business, or selling their wares.  Stop off at the supermarket for some junk to eat, then back on the train.  Having eaten so much, we elected to just get a drink in the lounge and skip the dinner.


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