Next Day in Grand Cayman

So we got up and did our coffee in the room thing, sitting on our room balcony actually – overlooking the pool and the beach.  Watched a little boy with a ball ‘accidentally’ drop it in the pool probably 30 times, so he had to go and retrieve it ! 😂😂😂

We took a taxi into Georgetown to have a stroll around.  Wow it was hot 🌞☀️🔥🌞🔥

Nice to look around, do a bit of shopping (or pretended to for the benefit of the shops air conditioning).

There was a cruise ship in town, and another had just arrived.  But I have been there when 5/6/7 of them are in town, and it’s super busy.  So, not too bad today.

We strolled down by the rocks close to the harbour- a place I went to years ago- and watched the massive fish there.

Not massively evident, but these guys were 3/4 feet in length.  Obviously waiting for food ! I remember feeding fish there years ago.

Had a bite to eat for lunch (along with a rowdy group who appeared to be from the Carnival ship that was in town), then headed back to our hotel.  Interesting time finding who the various parked taxis actually belonged to, but problem eventually solved, and his air conditioning really began to kick in as we drove up the driveway to the hotel.

Back in time to rent another Cabana for the afternoon, so we sort of hit the replay button for the rest of the day.  Difference was that it was SO much hotter today 🌞🌞🌞🌞🌞🌞.


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