Nelson Area

Drove into the town/city of Nelson (apologies Nelson, but I don’t know if you’re a town or a city).  What a nice place.  I came here years ago on business (aircraft repossession related), and remembered it being a nice place, but it seeing it in a non-business environment, it’s MUCH nicer.  Great shops and again, the incredible friendliness of people is just such a treat.

We had a drive around, heading out to a place called Cable Bay, then back to Nelson.  Just spectacular scenery once again.

We did go to the supermarket again, which is a good experience I always think.  Don’t ask me why, but I was sort of fascinated by the way they packed dog food – also ‘Trumps’ dog food ?

Everything is very nice, and you felt safe everywhere.  Of course we didn’t get to Auckland yet and we may feel different, but we are very impressed.  Things are cute too – we saw this book exchange outside someone’s house in Nelson:

Back to the hotel for exciting things like laundry (already 5 weeks away, so laundry becomes a planning exercise). Our little home for the next few days:

Finally, dinner in our Honest Lawyer pub just across from where we are staying.  Again, everyone so friendly and helpful. Nice views as we walk over too –



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