Moved on to Nelson

We left and drove up to Nelson, which is a cute town right at the top of the South Island.  Interesting how the temperature gradually has got warmer as we headed north, rather than what we’ve been used to.

The weather improved again, to a point where we complained about being hot once or twice 😊😊 – high quality problems I’d say.

It was a nice journey – probably around 300km/190miles or so, but we stopped plenty of times.  It was a great drive and we got to Nelson mid afternoon, and had a nice dinner in a pub/club just across the road from our hotel.

Saw this place on the way, and I had to wonder if they had a mini bar and room service ? Or cable tv I could watch the Spurs game on ?

We stopped at a small town called Reefton.  It had an old mining history again, and they had kept a miners cabin on the Main Street for tourists to go in.  Sounds touristy I know, but it actually didn’t look tacky, and retained heritage for them. We stopped for coffee and a quick bite to eat, and had a short stroll around the town.

The buildings in these old towns look great, and have also been retained.  Not sure I’ve ever seen anything like it outside of Disney World 😌😌😌😌😌.  Coffin shop converted to antiques shop was my highlight.

Typical views on our road trip.

We stopped at a little wild life park along the way, and fed the chickens, ducks, peacocks, sheep, goats, pony, and goodness knows what else.  Betsy became popular when she held the little packet of food:

Couple more stops (one by a monument to a surveyor – of course) , and we arrived in Nelson, where we spend 4 nights.  We like the idea of visiting a vineyard or two whilst here as there are plenty in the area.

Loving the wine labels

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