More Scotland

So, our first night was in Dumfries.  Stayed at a Holiday Inn there, using my mileage points which made it even nicer ! Dumfries seemed like a nice place.  We drove around a little, and down towards the coastline a little. Had a nice dinner n the hotel that evening.

Next day, we got up a little earlier than we had been used to, driving up around Glasgow, and onwards towards Loch Lomond.  We met my former colleague Gary and his wife Jackie at Duck Bay Marina on Loch Lomond, which was nice.  Very nice to catch up with him again, but the coffee and cake was also nice !

We then moved on to our hotel at Luss, the Loch Lomond Arms Hotel, which was very cute. Luss itself is also extremely cute.  We enjoyed a walk around there too – it was used for the sites for a Scottish soap, Take the High Road or some name similar.

We had 2 nights at that hotel, and enjoyed driving around seeing some beautiful lake scenes, and eating at different places around the Loch.

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