More Santorini

After first nights sleep (and an amazing sunset), we explored the hotel a little.  Had some breakfast – nice and early about 10am 😂😂😂, and then had our rental car delivered to the hotel.

Took our drive out in the car, touring around our end of the island.  It’s not a huge island by any means, but lots of small roads and places to explore.  Found a cute little Harbour/Port with tavernas etc down by the water, and had some lunch at another place up on the cliffs, looking down at the water.  Gently easing ourselves into it !

We stopped to buy some nice little pottery pieces.  We like to buy ‘something’ of the places we visit, and this pottery was handmade in this little studio.

Amazing scenery every where you turn.

Lots of 4×4 quad bikes for rental it appears, but I couldn’t imagine Betsy and I hurtling along on one if the truth be known ! Car rental isn’t super cheap here, but it’s not a disaster.  There aren’t many taxis, so it seemed car rental is the best way to get around.  It’s actually not bad to drive – roads are as you would expect, but it’s ok as long as you’re paying attention.

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