March – lots going on.

The month of March kicked off with us buying another car. Bit of trade in later, and off we drove…….car buying takes much longer and is much more bureaucratic in the US than you would probably hope for. It’s all to do with legal disclaimers, salesmen’s commissions etc., but finally it works which I suppose is the main thing.

A day or two later, and we were off to Captiva, the island attached to Sanibel. We had never stayed on Captiva before, so it was a nice change to go to the South Seas resort there. Weren’t thrilled with our initial room there, but after speaking to them about it, they moved us without hesitation into a great room. The resort itself isn’t cheap, but to be fair, not a lot on Sanibel and Captiva could be described as cheap I’m thinking. It’s a nice resort, but you certainly need a golf cart or your own car to cover some of the distances, as the resort covers a significant amount of the island.

We ate at some of the resort restaurants, and of course did a little light shopping whilst we were there. Weather was great, so we got a bit of beach and pool time in there which was nice. We did arrange one further purchase whilst we were there though –

We headed back to Palm Harbor to celebrate my birthday.

Claire came down to stay, and we sort of celebrated my birthday, and her forthcoming change of status from single to married ! We laid on a little celebration for her. Covid had severely curtailed ability to hold too many special events for her wedding, so we enjoyed our little mini event !

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