London for a Show

To celebrate our wedding annversary, we went to London for the weekend.

Took the train into Victoria, then a taxi across to our hotel – the Holiday Inn in Mayfair, Berkeley Street.  Well located and even better as it was a free loyalty points night 😂😂😂

Took a taxi to Covent Garden (watching everyone heading out for Halloween parties),  where we had a nice dinner at a place called the Vine Grill – very nice, and very London (lots of people crammed in).  Covent Garden is always worth a visit in my view.

Then we went off to see Tina at the Aldwych Theatre.  The Tina Turner story.  Very good, although strangely about 30 minutes late in starting. I enjoyed it. Great voice on the lead artist.

Then a night in the Holiday Inn, then back on the train the next day !

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