Last Day

Basically, relaxing around the resort. We got up, had some breakfast, went back to the room, down to the beach for lunch etc.. That kind of thing.  We enjoyed ourselves doing it, and the weather was mostly cooperative.

Great views from our room (front and back).

Finally, that evening we went to the restaurant for the ‘Creole Evening’.  Pleasant, although I’m not a big fan of the ‘Managers Cocktail Party’ that was on just before. Nothing wrong with it, but you always sense they don’t want to do it but they have to, and you get put together with guests who you wouldn’t ordinarily hang out with, who are going for the free drink ! Call me unsociable if you like 😊

Great rooms – like separate villas.

Your own entry area to your villa

We liked the Seychelles. Very clean (constant road sweepers) and gave a good feeling about the place.  I think the British/French flavour creates a good look and feel to the place.  There were beautiful beaches (but not crowded), plenty of places to visit (but not commercialised), fantastic hotels, mountains (small), beautiful scenery, good shopping, good food, and very pleasant people.  One extra night would have been nice, but British Airways only fly on Thursdays and Sundays at the moment.  Otherwise, you have to transit likely in Dubai or Abu Dhabi.

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