Last day – heading to Vancouver

Beautiful views as we continued through the end of the Rockies on our way to Vancouver.  Apparently we made great time, but that would soon change when we reached the outside of Vancouver.  Track repairs and freight trains the issue.  By this time, I was honestly delirious 😂😂😂😂🙃🙃🙃🙃🤓🤓😳😳😎but we were on our way.

It was truly a magnificent journey in so many ways, but rather like our Australian experience, we were ready to get to a hotel 😝😝😝😝

As we came down through the mountains, the sun was rising, and we got some stunning views.

Some of the photos might look a bit same same same, but the views were truly stunning.  Maybe I was enthusiastic to get off 😂

of course, this was also Happy Valentine’s Day.  This time last year, we were in Bali.  Maybe we should make it a tradition ?

I wish the photos could do real justice to some of the stunning scenery.  Some was truly spectacular.  Seeing the frozen water falling was amazing too.

Finally, we started to draw ever closer to Vancouver.  The crew proudly announced we would get there at approximately 200pm.  A few freight trains and rail track works later, and we finally drew into the station about 530pm 😂

So, some 26 hours after schedule, we pulled into Vancouver.  After a brief wait to find our pick up, off we went to the Four Seasons.  Big bed.  Happy days. So, we didn’t venture out – room service for dinner was the order of the day !


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