July 2021

As July arrived, we did a couple of things: we booked Betsy in for her eye surgery, and we went to Althorp, the Spencer family ancestral home in Northamptonshire. I mention the eye surgery, as Betsy had to leave her contact lenses out, and wear glasses for a couple of weeks prior. Hence, the reason why she is wearing glasses in several recent photos.

Of course, we picked a time to drive up to Althorp, when we knew the two dogs would be sleeping 😊😊. I had been once before, way back in the 80s, and strangely actually got served by Earl Spencer himself, who was helping out in the tea/coffee shop. That wasn’t repeated this time, but we were fortunate enough to have decent weather at least. The local area around the house is very pleasant too.

We had a nice day there. You park across the main road and walk up to the house, which in itself is a pleasant walk.

We did get to look around inside which was nice. Had tea/coffee as well, and the required look around the gift shop too ! Bought a book on Althorp, signed by the current Earl Spencer. We did not go to see the Princess Diana gravesite, as it is only available certain times of year, and even then I’m not sure you can get right up to it.

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