Jet Lag sort of under control

Its Sunday, and we got to London on Tuesday.  At long last it feels like we are getting over jet lag. 5 weeks in Florida kind of did it for us.

We’ve mostly been sleeping late, and buying/packing what we need for the trip. So nice not to have to go to work when I feel like this.  It’s been nice to have a week back in Horsham though.  Despite Los Angeles being a final stop on the trip, we will still have a week back in Horsham at the end (it was prohibitively expensive to break the journey in the US) before we head back to Florida again.

However, 48 hours to go now until we leave for this big trip – that equates to about 47 more chances for Betsy to pack, and repack her case.

interesting day today –  went shopping in Guildford, bought some shoes and clothes, and a new case for Betsy.  Took my case out and saw it was damaged, so had to go back out and get another.

Just tried to track some of our time zones we will be in. Made me dizzy.  Just glad we are finally getting on top of the jet lag 💤😴💤😴💤😴💤😴💤😴💤😴💤😲💤before we leave ! 🙂🙂🙂

Next on the list- exciting things like a hair cut ! Don’t want to have to search for a barber whilst we are away !

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