“It’s Groundhog Day !” February 2nd

So, we rose at 3.45am. Headed off to Punxsutawney ! It was FREEZING ! -10f or -23c ! Whatever you use, that’s pretty chilly !

We were both wrapped up in 2/3/4 layers, like a couple of eskimos. The drive to Punxsutawney was interesting a) because it was dark and b) because it was freezing and snow everywhere.  We arrived in Punxsutawney and then had to find a parking place. Took a little while, but we did.  Then marched off in the snow, to get the transfer bus up to Gobblers Knob.  To be fair to them, they did a great job with plenty of buses, and plenty of atmosphere.

We got to “the Knob” at about 515/530 I think.  It was already pretty crowded, but it was a great atmosphere.  I really enjoyed it.

Hot chocolate and a hot dog when we arrived, had a walk around. Stood over by the fire (or as close as we could get anyway), went in the warming tent, walked around a bit.  Then finally, the big event which we could see from a distance, but heard better.  Regardless, an early spring was the verdict ☀️☀️☀️☀️

We were back at our hotel about 845am ready for a nap, then left later to go and take a look around Punxsutawney again.  We had a nice lunch in the town, a look around in the shops, a nice chat with one of the ‘inner circle’ too !

All in all, it was a great day.  Back to the hotel again that afternoon.

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