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So called for perhaps the somewhat obvious reason that it goes from the Indian Ocean to the Pacific Ocean. It is a very long journey, that’s for sure, but an experience I wouldn’t want to have missed. The  journey is 4,352 km or around 2,700 miles in real money. We left Perth on Sunday morning, and finally got into Sydney around noon on Wednesday.  Admittedly there are stops (which are nice), but it is still a long way, and gives you the chance to see what a vast country Australia really is. The train stretch across the Nullarbor Plains is apparently the longest piece of straight railway line in the world at 297 miles just as an example. 

The cabins are ok. It’s a little like camping if I’m being honest, but fairly decent camping with your own bed, mattress and bathroom.  During the day, the compartment is fairly decent in size, and certainly how I remember the old British Rail trains of their day.  To be fair to them, the food on board is actually pretty good, so my ‘camping’ comparison certainly loses some fairness when it comes to the food.  Oh and the drink too.  There is a good restaurant where we had our meals with others (some interesting, some a little less so) on tables for four. The bar seems pretty well stocked (if you don’t like Australian wines – luckily we do – you might have issues), but it seemed pretty good to me.  Plus a place to grab a coffee in the morning, if you don’t want to make one in the little area available in each carriage.  I’ve added a photo or two below showing the restaurant, plus the lounge bar area.

There were lots of nationalities on board, but frankly it seemed to me to be mostly British.

The journey itself was amazing, and we got to see mountains, lakes, scrublands (plenty), cattle, sheep, Emu, wallabies, parrots, tiny towns (or stations), and so much more.  

Note: I might edit this post later as I remember things I forgot to put in this post.

We enjoyed some of the stops, however long or brief, and saw some amazing things.  You can appreciate the vastness of this country, but also its dependency on mining and water.  Many places looked starved of water, and you had to wonder how the animals survived.

We enjoyed a quick spin into Adelaide when we got there, as well as dinner off the train in Broken Hill, where Betsy was traumatized by a drag show that was on.

Sleeping on bunk beds was an interesting experience (I have the bruises on my head to prove it), but a great experience all in all.  As I sit here now on our king sized bed at the Shangri-La hotel in Sydney, I appreciate not all beds are equal !! 😂😂😂😂😂

Boarding in Perth
Figuring out our compartment

A few stops along the way
The jailhouse in Cook a town with a population of 4.

Adelaide stop


Dining car


Trying to sneak a peek at the drag show
Making new friends

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