Goodbye to Bora Bora

We had an enjoyable time here, and 8 days is good.  We maybe could have had an extra day, but you’d probably want to visit another island or resort if you stayed much longer I’d suggest.

Headed out from the resort back to the airport for the short hop back to Papeete in Tahiti for the longer flight back to Los Angeles.

I shared a boat with Christie Brinkley
Bora bora airport entrance 😌

Had a long layover (nearly four hours) at Papeete airport.  It wasn’t fun. A lot of the airport is outside and open to the elements and, as you would imagine, wasn’t full of things to do.  I just wished they’d turned the fans on 😅😅😅😅.  We could likely have gone into the city, but we had suitcases to drag around with us.  If we do it again, we will know ! 😎😎

Despite leaving late by 1hr 30 mins (means a longer layover), we arrived into Los Angeles just shy of one hour late.  Nice ride to our hotel from there.  Staying at the Beverley Hills Hotel.

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