Getaway before Lockdown II Starts !

So, early November saw the announcement of another lockdown in England. We were getting our kitchen totally refurbished, and had booked to stay at a rental house in the Lake District (it looked great too 😢😢😢) but he called us and said he was not able to take us due to the lockdown. I really didn’t want to stay at the house without a kitchen and during lockdown (bad enough with freedom to get out, but during lockdown ?? No way.). So we had to make quick plans to get away and head to Florida. Not massively complex, but some logistics to deal with, particularly with arrangements for house keys etc., but we did it and soon headed off.

Shortly after arriving at the airport we were heading back home again due to a technical issue with our aircraft. Cup of coffee later (thank you coffee mate !) reapplying for my US ESTA authorisation in a mad panic (it had been cancelled THAT DAY as part of this US Presidential proclamation stopping foreigners) and soon we were on our way back again. No issues on “The Departure – Part II” and off we went. Nice flight.

Landed at Clearwater/St. Pete’s and soon picked up and on our way home, just in time to pick up our Publix supermarket home delivery , so all was well !

We then had to settle into our required 14 day quarantine, but there are worse places to do it. It went quick, with several more Publix deliveries, and soon we were free.

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