First Full Day on the Reserve

Started with a nice 5am wake up call.  We met in the lodge at 530am, for a light bite, cup of coffee etc., and off we went in our jeep.

What a great experience it is.  And what an amazing lucky day we had.  I know people who have been out for like 3 days solid, and just seen antelope and zebra for example.  The list was long for us, but lots of different antelope, giraffe, jackals, lion, black rhino even, white rhino fighting, monkeys, numerous birds, buffalo and goodness knows what else. Stopped in the middle of nowhere for a coffee our ranger took along, and a visit to the outdoor toilets ☺️☺️ and on our way again. There are 3 sections to the park, and the lion are separated from the area where the public might be (e.g. The entrance are to the park). Made sense to me !

We got back shortly after 10am for a good breakfast (the food has been great here), and then back to our room for a quick nap 😊😊

At 4pm, we went off again, but included a great boat ride down the river where we say several kingfishers amongst so many birds (I didn’t take photos, as birds have a habit of looking like a pin prick on photos I take). Stopping for a sundowner drink was great, particularly when the giraffes arrived looking inquisitive about us.

The highlights though we’re seeing the elephants visit the water hole for a drink, snack and play, as well as watching lions in full attentive hunt mode (we didn’t see any conclusion however). Amazing experience, and particularly as daylight gave way to dusk, then dusk gave way to nightfall.  The driv back in the dark was interesting as we woke up a giraffe who seemed to be settled in for the night in the middle of our track, and 2 elephant bulls who were enjoying an evening snack.

I took scores of photos, but I’m just not going to post every one of them, as that we be too many.  They will mean something to Betsy and I regardless.

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