First day in the car

So, I picked up the car yesterday morning from Avis in Christchurch.  It happened to be just a few minutes walk from the hotel where we were staying.  Drove back, loaded up, then headed south.  We were heading to Queenstown some almost 500km or 300 miles from Christchurch.

We left around 930am, and finally got there around 530pm.  However, we stopped several times along the way – coffee, shopping, photos, drinks, lunch etc..  it was fun to stop, and gave us a good flavour of the countryside.

Driving was ok.  Roads seem pretty good condition, but a 100km speed limit on the open road is sort of limiting.  Lots  of 2 lane roads, lots of narrow bridges, but some stunning landscape.

For the most part, the weather was pretty co-operative for us.  We enjoyed some decent sunshine.  Lots of cattle and lots of sheep along the way.  Gradually after leaving Christchurch, the landscape began to change, and was soon fairly dramatic.  One of our stops was at Lake Tekapo where the water was a very azure looking colour – not sure if the photos below do it justice.

We spent the night in our lodge – Pencarrow Lodge in the Frankton area of Queenstown (where Grace Jones was in concert – a) I didn’t know she did concerts, and b) I’m surprised anyone cared). The views from our room that had a sort of turret there,  were amazing, looking down on the lake below. Nice place to stay, albeit just for one night.

Just amazing the colour of the water

Stunning views from our room at Pencarrow.



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