First day in Saigon/Ho Chi Minh

We woke fairly early, mainly as a result of the 4 hour time difference to Sydney.  We wandered down for breakfast, which was buffet style.  It was very good, and the service is very attentive.

There are beautiful flowers everywhere, some beautiful furniture, and some beautiful art.  It really sets the scene for what a nice hotel this is.

So, we headed out.  The Notre Dame cathedral and Saigon post office building are right next to each other, so we aimed that way, stopping by the Opera House (where some couples were getting their wedding photos taken).  Beautiful day out there !

Traffic is busy, although I have seen worse in other places.  I think it just seems very busy because of the sheer numbers of motorbikes, scooters and mopeds, often carrying 3/4 people.  We got to the post office and decided to take the bus tour.  I enjoyed it, as it gave us a good flavour of the city and for £18/$25 or so for the two of us, I thought it was priced ok.  You can actually hop on and hop off if you want, but we chose to just stay on and enjoy the ride (which has a commentary if you can take the music that goes with it ☺️☺️).

It’s an interesting city, with lots of old, lots of new both mixed in with each other, French influence, Chinese influence, and lots of parks.  I like it.  It’s almost unrecognisable from my last visit here back in 1993/1994.

Anyway, the tour ended back at the Post Office where we started, so we got off and went inside.  It’s a beautiful building, and inside dominated by the giant hall and the huge picture of Ho himself on the wall.

Time for a little souvenir shopping, and then we strolled back to our hotel.  It was a good day.

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