Final Day in Oslo

So, much better weather today, which helps the enthusiasm to head out ! We arranged a slightly late check out so we didn’t have to stress about baggage and coats and stuff.

Nice breakfast in the hotel before we headed out.  It’s right next to the Theatre (opposite) and seems to have a fancy pre/post theatre dining place.

This time, we walked first up to the Royal Palace which was very close.  Kind of slippery underfoot getting there, but I’m glad we went.

It reminded me in some way of the Royal Palace in Amsterdam.  Not particularly fenced-off, but less people strolling around, as it sits in its own (publicly accessible) grounds.  Interesting too, having been to Buckingham Palace many times, and the White House, the lack of major police or other armed protection was noticeable.

We strolled around a bit longer (was getting cold 🥶🥶🥶) –

Back to the Hotel for a quick top-up coffee, then took another stroll down to the water front, which was nice.

Back to the hotel for our pick up to take us to the airport, which Betsy was fascinated with.

Back for our Norwegian flight home.  Efficient getting through the airport (but a long walk – not quite “Gatwick long” but still long), and the flight left on time again, and arrived early.  Full credit to the airline !




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