Enjoying the Seychelles

A nice relaxing day around the resort, with Betsy heading to the spa for a massage and whatever else (I didn’t see the bill yet, but am guessing there will have been some other emergency purchase 😂), and I headed off to some local shops for a clothing top-up purchase, shaving cream and some toothpaste !

Next day, we took the first of our excursions.  A day out on a boat, cruising around the area, bit of lunch etc.  It really was a nice day out and lots of fun.  We drove up to, and through the capital of Victoria (one of our stops on our next excursion) which looked nice, and joined up with our boat in a place called Beau Vallon. We cruised the coastline which is beautiful, sandy beaches, and huge boulders that have been rounded by the water over the years.  Great to see it from the water.  We anchored near a small island called Moyenne or Mayenne (I should probably check) where there were huge tortoises wandering around.  I’ve never stroked a tortoise on the back of the head before which was a sort of strange thing to do ! We took a stroll (felt like a mountaineering expedition at times) around the island, that was very cute and read about the original settlers and owners.  Very Robinson Crusoe !

We then enjoyed our lunch of fresh tuna and shrimp back on board cooked by Captain Reggae (apparently his name was Selwyn so it figures he went for Reggae as a nickname😂). It really was good !


Gentle cruise back again, and a quick stop off at Reggae’s house to meet his Mum, Dad and daughter, and a look around his garden – it’s easier to say what he didn’t have growing out there, but we saw pineapples, mangoes, passion fruit, chili peppers, papaya and pumpkin to name a few, as well as his own pet giant tortoises and fruit bats ! To be honest, it was a good experience – who gets to go into a Seychellois home ?

A great day, if not a bit tiring.

We went down to the hotel restaurant near the pool and beach for our dinner.  I had the steak this time, which was really nicely presented.

Betsy had the scallops which also looked good.

We both flaked out when we got back !! 💤💤💤💤

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