Drive from Delhi to Agra – Taj Mahal

Left Delhi at 900am.  As it’s Sunday, the traffic didn’t seem too bad. Journey took about 3hrs/3hrs 15m and it fairly uneventful. It’s only about 140 miles though, so that will give some idea of ease of getting here.  I think the journey back will be much busier, as we are due to get back to New Delhi at around rush hour time.

One or two random snaps as we were driving down there:



Traffic is amazing.  Cattle wandering city streets, cyclists, motor cyclists, horses, trucks, buses, cars that unsurprisingly look pretty beaten-up very often, and anything seems to go.

we checked in to our hotel – Oberoi Amarvilas here in Agra.  It’s a very very nice hotel, certainly I would recommend it. Each room looks out to the Taj Mahal. Very nice service, and my goodness – so incredibly polite.

And of course, this was our view.

One or two others around the hotel:


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