Drive around Norfolk

Of course, we struggled to make it up in time for breakfast, but went down and had coffee etc in the lounge late morning before we headed out for a few hours.

We headed out towards Hunstanton, then Blakeney, but in reality stopped a number of times, including one stop at a little Harbour/marina area where we bought some shellfish from a stand, then sat at the back of the car to eat it.

Norfolk has a lot of these churches with round towers.  This one had memorial stones and grave stones going back to the 1700s.

We stopped for a drink and a snack in a pub in Blakeney called the Kings Arms.  Interesting old place and worth a look at their history that goes back until at least 1788 – their website explains:

The town itself is super cute and worth the visit, although it was very busy when we were there.

Nice to sit outside at the hotel when we got back.

Later that evening, back for Pam’s celebration dinner.  Nice to see everyone, and particularly Wendy and Brian, and Keith and Lyn.  All of Pam’s boys were there as well as her grandchildren which was nice.


The gorgeous lady in red
“I just love to hear y’all talk”


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