Down to the Cape of Good Hope

Another great day out today.  Headed out first thing (well, after we had eaten breakfast, which we are often too late for) towards the Cape.  Nice drive down (probably an hour to an hour and a half) with brief stop in Scarborough along the way (funny, we were in Scarborough a few weeks ago, and it looked very different !).

Great scenery along the way.  Beautiful beaches with beautiful water, just amazing.  Well worth the ride down.

We reached the Cape Point, and paid our nice exact, precise, entry fee of 303 Rand each to get in.  One of the few things I have found in South Africa  that I thought was a bit expensive, but we are not here all the time of course !  I’m glad we got there early, as coaches were arriving behind us – but 50pc of the populations of Beijing and Shanghai had already arrived.  I can share, that’s ok.  It was good to see, with beautiful scenery again.

Just huge seaweed. Huge.
Seals on the end of the rock

Beautiful down there.

We then moved on to the Cape Lighthouse and took the little Funicular railway up and down. Whilst the views up there were indeed stunning, the funniest entertainment was the baboon stealing the little Chinese business man’s back pack, and him running around trying to get it back. Hilarious.

Watched the cormorants landing in the cliffs.
One of several of the wild and opportunistic baboons running around.

im glad we went.  But oh boy it was busy in the line waiting to get INTO the park when we left.

We then headed onto Boulders Bay which was amazing.  There was a penguin colony there and (although you have to walk a bit for it) I’m so glad we did it.  Seeing wild penguins free to swim off, come back etc was amazing.  Yes, they have made their lives good there, but they’re certainly free to come and go.  A small admission fee (although we also saw some further down for free) is worth it to say you’ve seen it – you don’t see a colony of African penguins every day !

After Boulders Bay we headed round to Kalk Bay where we had a nice lunch (albeit a late lunch) at the Harbour House restaurant down by the little Harbour.  Very nice and well worth the stop.

Finally after lunch, we headed back to Cape Town.  Didn’t take long at all.  We had enjoyed a great day, the weather had co-operated, and again, a nice welcome from the South Africans we interacted with.

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