Day Out Touring the Island

Great day, starting with a sociable 10am pick up from our hotel.  We headed south first on the island, stopping for a few photos etc..  Those photos from travel magazines and such like must’ve been taken on the route we took ☺️ – beautiful views everywhere.

We stopped at a small rum distillery, had a coffee etc., looking at so many nice looking colonial style buildings.  Originally settled by the French, but then colonised by the British, the island has those 2 influences on it that are quite visible at times.

A stop at a craft centre along the way (nice that the people aren’t pushy) and into Victoria, the Capital of the Seychelles . Cute little place with a replica of Big Ben’s tower in the middle as a memorial to Queen Victoria (they called it “Little Ben”😊).  We did a little bit of shopping, walked around, saw the Victoria Market, Hindu temple etc..  Nice, and I must say it felt very clean.

After Victoria, we crossed over the middle of the island, through the national park, at an elevation of around 1,800 feet.  We stopped at a small tea plantation, and looked down through some of the clouds that were hugging the ‘mountain’.

Further drive down the hill to a small restaurant on the west coast near Port Glaud, called Del Place Bar and Restaurant, which had a great waterside location.  Betsy had a nice Red Snapper, and I had the fish curry which is apparently a Creole favourite.

Finally, nice drive back to the hotel, where we later enjoyed watching the sun set down near the beach.

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