Day Out to Manly

We wandered down to the Circular Quay area in Sydney where all the action is, and bought ourselves a couple of travel cards that are apparently good for unlimited public transport travel Saturday and Sunday.  They were A$20 each, which is probably $15 ish US or £12 or so.  A quick bite to eat watching the world go by down there, then we were ready to go.

We then took the public ferry to Manly which was fun.  They seem to run every 30 mins it seems.  The journey itself didnt take long (30 mins I’d guess), but again gave great views of the Opera House and the Harbour Bridge (but of course of the City too – there’s so much more to the city obviously).

We liked Manly.  It was very busy as it was the weekend, but we enjoyed it.  Wandered down by the beach, light lunch sitting outside and a bit of shopping. Lots of locals from Sydney it seemed.  Obviously we saw tourists, but less so than downtown Sydney.

Tomorrow is our last day in Sydney.  We haven’t planned anything, but I sense we may at least do something. Monday we get a pick up to take us to the Airport for our flight to Melbourne.

The weather has been great for us again. But I think that might be more of a rule here than an exception 😎😎😎😎

Very close to our hotel, it has become our favourite pub. Right by the entrance to the Bridge-climb.
Queen Mary 2 in port in Sydney

Sorry, had to include another one.

A few shots of Manly beach follow:

“Is it all clear out there Captain ?”
Aussies at play in Manly

Leaving on the Ferry

It’s hard not to take a photo

Some of those specks are of people doing the bridge climb.

We had a nice seafood lunch here yesterday.

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