Day out in Bora Bora

We booked a boat with a driver/captain, and went out around the main island.  Great day.  First of all, it was good to see the other parts of the island from the water, but we got to get out and snorkel and swim.  We had wine and food on board too, so generally a great time. With the exception of  a 10/15 minute rain shower, the weather was spectacularly good.

First of all, the scenery is just as spectacular on other parts of the island/s.  The water is amazing too – darker as it gets deep, but so clear and light blue in the shallower areas.

Our Captain (Ken) knew all the places to go and, after 20/30 minutes on board, stopped at a coral reef, close to the main reef surrounding the island, and within moment of stopping, we were surrounded by sharks.  Having assured us they were safe (yup, a leap of faith I guess), in we went.  Just amazing.  We were soon joined by several stingray too. To be an arms length away from these creatures in their own environment  is amazing.  Sadly, iPhones don’t take photos underwater, so we were very limited as to what we cold take photos of.

Outside our room – look left……..
…….and looking right

Having arrived at night, it was good to see the arrival/lagoon area at the Four Seasons from the waterside, as we obviously didn’t see it on arrival.

We started passing by one or two other resorts, before we made our first stop.

The water was so clear.
Amazing experience to swim with them. So many.

After swimming with the sharks and stingray (just an indescribable experience) we headed off again.  Quick drinky and a bite to eat (hotel put a kind of hamper on board), and we stopped again.  This time by another bigger reef.  No sharks or Stingray, but more tropical fish than you can ever imagine. We snorkeled with them, and fed them.  Words don’t do it justice, but we have the memories.

Of course, temptation got the better of Betsy, and she had to negotiate with Captain Ken for a drive of the boat.  I checked around for icebergs and things, but it seemed we were ok.

Eventually, Captain Ken was able to wrestle back the steering wheel of his boat from Betsy, and he took us over to a shallow sandy area.  It had the most incredible coloured water you have seen.  We got out there (it was sort of kneecap/low thigh deep), Captain Ken poured us a drink to take into the water, and we were soon joined by 3 stingray.  Again, an amazing experience to have these wild creatures brush up against you.  Captain Ken started feeding them and to her joy, showed Betsy how to feed one as well. 😊😊😊😊

Finally, we were done.  Took the ride back and, almost four hours after we left (strangely it didn’t seem that long), we were back at the resort.  With the nice weather, we got to have dinner outside right by the waters edge, which finished off a good day for us.

Such amazing coloured water

Dramatic changes in water colour too

Four Seasons coming back into view

An enjoyable day for us.  Monday we have more things booked, so weather permitting, we will have more to post as a result of that.

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