Day in Sydney

We went out today, and visited the Sydney Opera House, and watched a concert there.  I bought the tickets on-line a few weeks back.  Strangely they only email them to you on the way of the performance, and you have to bring a hard copy with you, so this morning I had to rush down to the hotel business center to get them printed.  It was a good visit, and sort of satisfied a curiosity of at least wanting to go to the Opera House. Took us probably 20 minutes to walk down there from our hotel.

Maybe as it was our first visit, or maybe just because we entered the wrong way (who knows, but there didn’t seem too many ways to access the site), but we had to ask directions 2/3 times, so my impression (yes, it’s a grumble) was that the signposting was poor. But no harm done, we found our seats and watched our concert.

The building inside is nice and fairly well air conditioned I have to say.  Nice looking interior and comfortable seats (unlike others I’ve been to the cause me to shuffle from side to side).

A drink outside after the concert (felt like a scene from Hitchcock’s ‘Birds’ once or twice), and we watched people doing the ‘bridge climb’, then a nice lunch further down the pier.  “Maybe next time” for the bridge climb was our conclusion I think.

It was fun. Weather was amazing again – perfect.

I know this and the prior picture look alike, but I was trying to get bridge and Opera House in together

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