Day in Melbourne

I came here several times a few years back, but had forgotten what a nice city it really is.  River down the middle, lots of trees, friendly people, and loads of places to eat.

We strolled out today, had a bite to eat in a cute restaurant that was sort of in an alleyway, did some shopping, drinks by the river – nice easy and gentle stuff.  Found some places we will likely try for dinner tonight (our final night in Australia). Not decided on what we will do tomorrow yet, but may do that in the morning.

Betsy found the ATM machine 😌😌😌

We were both reflecting on the fact we have been gone four weeks today. It’s amazing.  So we are half way through. We are still married, which is a good sign. 😇

New Zealand awaits us late tomorrow evening. We are looking forward to it, and tomorrow concludes 13 days in Australia for us.  We sometimes sit down and talk about what we did in Dubai and India etc., just to make sure we don’t forget !! We’ve enjoyed Australia 🇦🇺

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