Day in Franschhoek

Nice day today.  Got up slowly, took a ride into Franschhoek from the hotel, with a slight detour enroute (Tamzin and Simon know why) to take a photo before stopping in the town. Great little place. Well worth the visit.

We had lunch in a place called Taki’s Place which was fun as we got to sit outside and watch the world go by.  We did some shopping including a trip for an emergency eyebrow pencil or curler or lipstick or something (who knows) which was helpful.  Looked around the shops (some great stuff on sale that of course we don’t normally get to see).  Couple of drink stops later and we were calling the hotel shuttle to pick us up which they duly did – what a great service.

Back at the hotel, Betsy went to the spa for a back massage and facial and all that stuff, and I sat outside for a while in the sun and read by our little pool.

This hotel is just amazing.  Very nice.  I’d recommend it.  Everyone is very friendly and it doesn’t seem like it’s trained – it feels very realistic. Food is good, service is good and everything is of good quality, but they’ve avoided that highly pretentious feel.  That’s why I like it.

We had a relatively early simple dinner, short walk around, then back to our great room.

Above pics around the hotel.  Note the thatched roof.  Below pics around Franschhoek.

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