Day in Bergen

After good nights sleep, we headed down for a quick bite of breakfast at the hotel.  Wasn’t bad – buffet style which I guess allows you to take as much or as little as you want.

Headed out of the hotel, and it was a nice day.  Interesting to see the boats and ships that had moored up right by the hotel.

Continued our stroll on past the old wooden houses that look like they were originally for fishermen or something.

We continued to walk further into town – it was pretty quiet as it was Sunday morning, and things hadn’t quite got going yet.  It’s a cute town, and worth the visit.

Glad they made McDonalds go for ‘very subtle’ to spoiling the look of the place.

Then we headed over to the main ‘pier/harbour area’.  It is right next to a fish market. There were a couple of tour companies doing tours on the Fjords (I have no idea what the difference – if any – actually was) and we selected Rodne for our tour.  Nice boat, very clean, coffee and snacks available on board, and everyone very friendly. The tour takes you up to one end of the Fjord and back down again, and takes about 3 hours.  It’s not particularly cheap, but I would recommend it. Some amazing scenery. They give a nice narrative along the way which is sufficient, but not intrusive.

It was interesting to see where people live.  Some places far more remote than others.

Heads right up to the little village of Mostraumen (population 340 odd they said), before turning around and heading back to Bergen.


Had a late lunch at a Harbour View restaurant, did a little more shopping, then strolled back to the hotel.  The shops have been interesting as they prepare for Christmas, but also because some of the unique items you can buy in them.

Had a simple dinner in the hotel, then an early-ish night due to having to leave our cases in reception for 630am.

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