Day in Bangkok

Enjoyed a nice day in Bangkok.  Relaxing start, breakfast in the room, lunch down by the river, drink in the lounge, look around the chocolate shop etc etc.


Nice to sit down by the river and have lunch.  Betsy fed the fish along with her close personal Russian friend.

Interesting seeing what can be done with chocolate nowadays too:

Nice down by the pool at this hotel.  Plus all the orchids.  They are simply everywhere.


Later we met up with Areerat and Ken, a husband and wife couple who used to work for me in Thailand.  It was fun to catch up with them, and they kindly took us to dinner at a nice waterside Thai seafood restaurant in Bangkok.

Closer inspection of these photos reveals that Betsy had begun to eat something she wasn’t happy with, and planned to dispose of fairly soon ! 😂😂😂😂🥰

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