Claire and Matthew Visit

First part of March, Claire and Matthew came to visit us.  Due to a scheduling issue with Matthew’s studies, Claire had to come one day ahead of him, but it was ok.

We did some various local sightseeing trips with them, including taking Claire to Amberley Castle who decided that would be her wedding venue (we are not sure Matthew was involved in that decision 😂😂).

We went to Bolougne in France overnight as well.  We stayed again at an amazing bed and breakfast house in the old town, named Relais de St Jacques. Just a great place. We had a nice dinner in the town that evening, and the next day enjoyed visiting one of the World War II cemeteries (Canadian mainly) which was a great experience, and one I would recommend.

We were glad to take a walk around inside this beautiful cathedral.  The old town is certainly beautiful.

Its actually a really nice place.  People are pretty friendly (maybe thrilled to see us out of season ?).

We did our cheese and French bread shopping the next day before we headed back on the channel tunnel.

Later in the week, we took a drive around, visiting Arundel and the surrounding area, as well as a very cold and blustery Worthing ! In Arundel, we had lunch at a nice pub called the Black Rabbit.  It overlooks the marsh sort of area, but has a great view of Arundel Castle at the same time. The menu was pretty good, a little slow getting the food out but good food when it arrived.

Fun to have them both visit for a week.

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