Cape Town

Left London more or less on time, and arrived in Cape Town more or less on time, on our British Airways flight (a 747 – yep they’re still using them). Nice flight, nice crew and nice weather when we arrived.

I still like them. Shame they’re slowly disappearing

Unfortunately  we arrived behind an Emirates flight and a Lufthansa flight, so passport control took about an hour.  Q: why do these airports pay to build 20 passport desks, and only man 4 or 5 of them ?

Picked up at airport and driven to our hotel.  We are staying at the Cape Grace Hotel which overlooks both a small marina AND Table Mountain.  What a nice welcome.  Even though our room wasn’t ‘quite’ ready, we were taken into ‘The Library’ made comfortable, brought a nice coffee, and 15 minutes later our room was ready !

We walked out across to the V&A pier/pavilion/area (pick one) and had a bite to eat – again very friendly service, and decent food.  Nice to sit outside as well, with a nice view watching the world go by. It’s 20+ years since I was in South Africa last, and it’s nice to be back.

We had booked for Tuesday to go up Table Mountain, but heard the weather might not be great, so we decided to bite the bullet and go up there straight away.  The hotel offers complimentary shuttle service which took us up there, so we got in line with several hundred of our closest friends, and did the one hour wait to get taken up in the cable car.

Still – we had time for a few selfies, and to learn about how some people were obviously better skilled at using soap and showering than others.

The tickets are purchased on line and I think we’re about £16/$20 for the two of us.  You can buy them there of course, but that probably slightly delays you getting in line.

The trip is worth it.  The views are amazing.  There’s a little cafe up there and a little shop, and 2/3 of the Netherlands were visiting at the same time.  However, I don’t know if it’s just me that finds this amusing, but seeing Chinese businessmen in suits running around taking photos of any/every thing is sort of amusing.

Although tired, im glad we did it.  We weren’t up there a long time (we didn’t plan to hike around up there), but still worth it.

Steep on the way down ! (And on the way up curiously 😂😂)

If you can make it out, there’s a Dassie in this picture (google it !)

After a long tiring day (we had just landed that morning), a quick bite in the hotel bar and then bedtime ! 10pm in South Africa, but 8pm in English money 💤💤💤💤💤💤💤💤

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