Bergen to Oslo

What was always going to be a long day, was a very long day indeed.

So, we had to drop our bags in the reception at 630am.  They would be taken from us, then delivered to our hotel in Oslo for our evening arrival.  Next, a quick bite for breakfast, then off to get our 740am  pick up for a short drive across town to Bergen railway station for our train ride to Voss at 840am.

Small station with just a few platforms, but nice and easy to find your way around!

Looking a lot like the ‘Honey Monster’ from the Sugar Puffs adverts of years ago ?

Train left more or less on time I think, then several tunnels and stations along the way before we got to Voss some 90 odd minutes later.  It was dark at first but slowly got lighter on the way.

Although never particularly heavy, the snow continued all the way to Voss.  At Voss we eventually found our next mode of transport, which was a bus, which would drive us for the next +/- 1 hour up to Gudvangen.  Here we stopped at a cabin, where we got a quick bite before our next mode of transport – boat.  Nice little place.

We then headed off on our boat for the 2 hour ride to Flåm. Very pretty scenery along the way and, initially a bit of ice on the water.  It soon disappeared.

We arrived in Flåm which is a cute little town, and got a bite to eat and a walk around the shops and museum etc which was interesting.  The only problem is, that it quickly gets dark this time of the year, and a significant portion of the rest of our journey was completed in darkness. Still, visiting Flåm is a good experience and worth the stop in my view.

After a long day, we were picked up at Oslo station, and taken to the Continental Hotel.  Nice place.



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