Back to London

So, an earlyish start, with a 700am pick up.  Took about 45/55 mins to get to the airport in ‘rush hour’ 😊 traffic.  In fact we passed the airport as our aircraft was arriving from London.

Not as chaotic as it could have been at the airport.  Check in for British airways was ok, quickly through passports and security and into the terminal.

Flight left on time which is always nice, and was about 10 and a half hours.  The trouble is, it’s all during daylight hours which, although I did sleep, makes it a little harder to.  The Boeing Dreamliner is a nice aircraft though, and a long flight in it is certainly less tiring and draining than others.

Back to London just fine.  Now the fun begins – getting my missing suitcase back from South Africa !

Christmas shopping awaits ☹️☹️☹️☹️☹️ then we head over to a Tampa next Tuesday, returning back to England on Christmas Day !

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