As September starts to peep over the fence at October

Slowly, but surely, the weather is changing.  At least we are allowed out now after our quarantine – that NOBODY in authority checked up on us for at all ! So, we have enjoyed what was left of the good weather, but are now tinkering around in the greenhouse, using the hot tub more, and planning a revamp of the kitchen.

Nice to sit outside with the fire going, as the evening arrives and it gets slightly cooler –

Some of our ‘trips’ outside have been for exotic type things such as looking at floor tiles for the kitchen ! We also went to the kitchen design place we will use, to select cabinets and colours, from our very best friend Andrew who will run the show for us.  I’m sure over time, we might be able to post some before and after photos.

Big week coming up soon, with two car services now due 😂😂.  This retirement is certainly life in the fast lane.

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