Arrived in Singapore

Well, in all honesty, we had previously decided to go to Hong Kong.  Then, with the protests and riots that were happening there, and now this Coronavirus, then I’m sort of glad we went for Singapore.

Our flight was good and uneventful, arriving more or less on time.  Singapore’s Changi airport is a pretty nice airport as far as airports go.  Lots of orchids and greenery inside.  It’s also somewhat efficient – our aircraft pulled up to the gate at 3.55pm, and by 4.45pm we were checking in at our hotel ! That included passports and getting our suitcases.  I wonder why that process can take so long elsewhere.

We checked in at the Shangri La hotel, which is at the very far end of the main Orchard Road.  It’s very nice, with super efficient and friendly staff.  We had to get our temperature taken when we checked in, because of this Coronavirus, but seems we were deemed ok.  Maybe excessive, but Singapore needs tourists, so they need to ensure it’s clean and safe for us. I’m fine with it.

Due to our arrival time, we chose to eat in the lobby lounge area of the hotel, just to make it easy.

Fresh flowers everywhere in the hotel !

Then, off we went to try to get some sleep, and get the first phases of jet lag under control !

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