And onto Edinburgh

Left Loch Lomond, and headed over to Edinburgh, which really wasn’t so far away.  Stopped off at an Owl Centre (yep), but more for breakfast and to use the ‘facilities’ thank anything else.  But it was not bad at all.

Got to Edinburgh in good time, but struggled getting to our hotel initially due to the complex one way systems. Had to resort to calling the hotel eventually, so solution found ! Stayed at the Waldorf, which was very nice. Very well located. Allowed us to walk around locally, including up to Edinburgh Castle as well as the Royal Mile etc..

Finally, took a train from Edinburgh’s Waverley station out to North Berwick, where we went to see my old friend Alan and his wife Rachel (after scaring his daughter Jess to begin with 😂). Had dinner with them which was great.  I really enjoyed catching up with them.

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