And onto Bangkok

Up we got, baggage collected from our room, and already packed on our car to the airport by the time we got downstairs.  A long weekend in Ho Chi Minh City was good, and a good taste of the city.  It was many years since I’d been there so it was interesting to return.  For Betsy it was a first, so again, a long weekend was good.  I enjoyed it.

We enjoyed the ride to the airport, watching the city gradually get ready for the day ahead:

Checked in at the Thai Airways desk for our flight to Bangkok, then proceeded to make our way through passports/security.

Quick bite of comfort food breakfast at the airport, look around the shops, sit in the lounge, then we soon boarded and were off to Bangkok.

Met on arrival, and headed for the Shangri-La hotel Bangkok which is well located right on the river.  Had to wait it out before we could get to our room, as they were doing temperature checks of people, and mine was 0.5 degrees to high ! Sat it out for 5 mins and it was fine again ☺️

Had a great room.  Dinner in the room overlooking the river, and watching the sun go down was really nice.

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