And off to the Tower of London

Having enjoyed our trips to Windsor and Beaulieu, we wanted a “get out of the house” trip to celebrate our wedding anniversary, so we decided on The Tower of London. What better place to take Betsy than The Bloody Tower I thought ? 😂😂😂

So a pick up early-ish that morning, and off we went. Got there early, so we were able to have a coffee at a little place down by the river (“Paul’s”) where the weather was good enough to sit outside. Had coffee, a little stroll around, and then ready to enter (pre booking tickets during these Covid times is a requirement, and you have to book a time of entry).

Entry was relatively painless, at around 10.00am, but an hour or so later the lines to enter were much much longer !

I had never seen the Crown Jewels before, so that was interesting. Saw a lot of Beefeaters of course, then also the White Tower where there was a lot of armour, guns and other important memorabilia.

Obligatory stop in the gift shop on the way out, and back in the car. I enjoyed it. Not ready to rush back, but happy I went and it was a nice outing. But more to follow – off we then went to Fortnum and Masons in Piccadilly. It’s a nice nice store and worth the visit.

We had a nice lunch in Fortnums, and did some advance Christmas shopping which was fun. Also got a few pieces for the house that we absolutely couldn’t live without ! Everyone talks about Harrods, which I agree is an interesting experience, and has a wider range, but Fortnums isn’t loaded with tourists all looking to buy something for £3 and get a bag. It’s a very nice store, and I imagine this could be something of a pilgrimage for us now, having gone last year too !

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