And into Scotland

We left the Lake District this morning, with the first stop at Greta Green, the site of the old blacksmiths where weddings of the young were performed for so long.  We took some photos, had a bite to eat, bit of shopping, had a walk around the museum (the main Smithy) which actually wasn’t bad. The whole site has been developed and is somewhat touristy now, but in all fairness not as bad as it could have been.  All in all, I actually quite enjoyed it.

Making friends with the locals again !

We then moved onto Lockerbie where we stopped at the Remembrance Garden for the Pan Am flight that crashed there. We also stopped n the visitor centre where the lady was very knowledgeable and informative. The remembrance garden was a sobering experience in all honesty.  I said to Betsy we should remember it next time we whine going through airport security.

We then moved onto our hotel in Dumfries where we are staying (Holiday Inn Dumfries – courtesy of years of accumulated mileage points).

Couple of pictures of the nearby coastline:

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