And back to Delhi again

Same trip, but in reverse this time – Agra back to Delhi.  The journey was a little longer, but frankly not that much.

We are staying at a different hotel, the Oberoi Gurgaon.  It s a little closer to the airport, which will make things easier for our departure tonight to Singapore.

Upgraded us into a giant 2 bedroom suite which, is the largest hotel room I think I have ever been in, and certainly the only one that has a laundry room in it.  That, with a private pool, a kitchen, a lounge and dining room, plus a small lounge in the master bedroom, made it huge.  I checked – around 1,350 sq. ft. or 135 sq. m.

Betsy took scores of photos around the place !


We took a short private tour around the city of Delhi this morning, and again I’m glad we forced ourselves into doing it.  A good experience to say the least.  Learned a lot from the guide about some Indian history, as well as religious culture etc..


We saw the India Gate, Red Fort, President’s House, Parliament, Prime Minster’s House, Supreme Court, Connaught Square and goodness knows what else – lots of very poor people as well, and lots of wild monkeys again.  It was a worthwhile experience.

Tonight we head to Singapore, which is going to feel very calm that’s for sure 🙂


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