Ancient City

Santorini boasts an amazing ancient city at Akrotiri.  It is estimated at being originally built around 4,000 years bc.  It seems that various volcanic eruptions occurred, covering the first city in ash, so they built another.  They have not yet got to the bottom level they believe, despite starting in 1967.  It’s very interesting and worth the visit. It was just 5/10 minutes away from our hotel, so the traveling time wasn’t an issue !

Interestingly, they found some great artifacts intact, but no human remains, indicating that the inhabitants had time to evacuate before the various volcanic eruptions.

Just down the road from there, we walked down to where there is a line of 4/5 tavernas right on the edge of the water, and had our shrimp lunch with baclava dessert.

No takers for Betsy’s €10 cruise !


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