Afternoon out on the Cape Peninsula

Slow start this morning, followed by a coffee and a quick bite to eat along the V&A waterfront area near our hotel.

It’s a great area, as we could easily walk down there, and then did some shopping at some of the many outlets down there.  We bought some great stuff. Betsy single handedly was ready to support the South African GDP.

We then got picked up by our driver and guide who took us out on an afternoon tour.  It included shopping (more great stuff), then down to Sea Point, Queens Beach, Bantry Bay, Hoek Bay and goodness knows where else, but included watching sea lions swim in the water, ending with a visit to the Table Mountain park area (amazing views including out to Robben Islamd) and through the area of the city with highly painted houses.  The best part was watching Betsy mountaineer her way back up some steps from the beach, but I was too gentlemanly to take photos ! 😰😰😰😰😰 . It was a great day out.

Another day of great service and very warm and friendly people we interacted with.  A little splash of rain here and there, but otherwise the afternoon turned out very nice for the most part.

After some ‘sporadic’ eating today, we finished with a nice meal at the hotel.  Betsy had the Hake, I had the Ostrich .

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