Adding to the Family

First day out of travel quarantine, and we got straight into the car, and headed up to Nottingham.

And just like that, we added two little King Charles Cavalier puppies to the family. Cooper and Marshall.

Like proud parents, with their precious cargo, we carried them back to the car, armed with food, dog carrier, toys, water, puppy pads and goodness knows what else, and spent the first 10 miles worrying they were ok. They were ! As I write this several months later, it was a sign, that they were SUCH good travellers in the car. No issues whatsoever. Of course we were excited to get them home, and set them into our sun lounge, which would become their new bedroom (and still is).

Strangely enough, and despite Covid, we suddenly became popular with lots of visitors 😂😂😂😂

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