A day out locally

We started off by heading down to Arundel. We didn’t start early, so it was lunchtime by the time we got there, so we headed down by the river to the Black Rabbit pub where we had been before.  It was a nice warm summer day, so of course the pub was busy, but we found ourselves a great seat outside by the river.  We all had fish and chips and enjoyed watching the boats, the people, the table next to us spilling drinks, the dogs etc.  it’s pretty there and gives a great view over the wetlands towards the castle.

After lunch, we headed into Arundel for a stroll around, and a peek in the antique shops where we inevitably made some purchases.  We all smiled when we saw the shop there named ‘Digby’ of course.  Linda took a few (hundred) photos then we headed off.

Next stop was Amberley Castle which is a great place.

Great to walk around the grounds here.  I recommend it.

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