A busy Monday

First of all, it’s hard for me to imagine, as I sit here in Bora Bora, that one week from now, we will be back in England. 7 weeks gone already 😮😮😮😮😮

Anyway, yesterday was a fun day.  We started off by having our breakfast delivered to the room Polynesian style.  It was nice.  They come over to your room on an outrigger and bring it up to you.

After consuming my own body weight in breakfast food, our next thing was a trip out to the small town of Vaitape on the main Bora Bora island.  We met at the Four Seasons ‘dock’ area, and took a large launch out to the island.  There were a couple of reasonable sized (i.e. Not huge) cruise ships in the bay, who were ferrying some passengers back and forth by tender.

We were met by our taxi driver ‘Danny’ who took us to a place we had been recommended for our lunch. It’s called Bloody Mary’s and is a few minutes ride out of town.  Seems to be a bit of an institution, with lots of famous people visiting, with their names shown on a board outside – the likes of Rod Stewart, Raquel Welch and Betsy Rofe to name just a few.  We had our lunch, and a couple of Long Island iced teas (well Betsy had one, I may have had the couple – don’t remember 🤓🤓🤓), so we felt no pain as we left to head back to the town.

Interesting little place.  So much of Bora Bora being dominated by the backdrop of this large volcanic mountain in the middle, which simply makes it look more dramatic I think.

I don’t know why but I found this tiny Avis rental centre amusing

Betsy, errr…….talking

Back to Vaitape with Danny again.  Quick peek around, then sat waiting for our ride back,


Danny and his car ☺️

Nice ride back, in great but hot weather.  Enjoyed watching some guys on an outrigger trying to keep up with us.


Finally, once we were back, a quick change (well, I put my flip flops back on, anyway), and we headed to the Polynesian show at the hotel.  Some of the photos were a little dark, but you get the idea right ?

It was – OK. Not great.  Not bad.  Just ok. Somewhat overpriced I’d say, but you sort of have to do it I suppose ? You share a table with 8 other guests, and they bring you Polynesian food and some wine (French I assume). Lots of dancing, lots of beating drum too 😊😊.

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