And off to the Tower of London

Having enjoyed our trips to Windsor and Beaulieu, we wanted a “get out of the house” trip to celebrate our wedding anniversary, so we decided on The Tower of London. What better place to take Betsy than The Bloody Tower I thought ? 😂😂😂

So a pick up early-ish that morning, and off we went. Got there early, so we were able to have a coffee at a little place down by the river (“Paul’s”) where the weather was good enough to sit outside. Had coffee, a little stroll around, and then ready to enter (pre booking tickets during these Covid times is a requirement, and you have to book a time of entry).

Entry was relatively painless, at around 10.00am, but an hour or so later the lines to enter were much much longer !

I had never seen the Crown Jewels before, so that was interesting. Saw a lot of Beefeaters of course, then also the White Tower where there was a lot of armour, guns and other important memorabilia.

Obligatory stop in the gift shop on the way out, and back in the car. I enjoyed it. Not ready to rush back, but happy I went and it was a nice outing. But more to follow – off we then went to Fortnum and Masons in Piccadilly. It’s a nice nice store and worth the visit.

We had a nice lunch in Fortnums, and did some advance Christmas shopping which was fun. Also got a few pieces for the house that we absolutely couldn’t live without ! Everyone talks about Harrods, which I agree is an interesting experience, and has a wider range, but Fortnums isn’t loaded with tourists all looking to buy something for £3 and get a bag. It’s a very nice store, and I imagine this could be something of a pilgrimage for us now, having gone last year too !

Motor Museum Beaulieu

Next trip out was down to Beaulieu, the home of the National Motor Museum, but also the palace there. It’s a nice drive down, passing through the New Forest along the way, where we saw lots of the ponies. Booked our tickets in advance, got there mid afternoon, and it was relatively quiet there. I enjoyed it. Certainly worth the ride down there, and for £20 odd each, I thought it was worth it !

It’s a great collection there, and I enjoyed looking around. Lots of stuff there I remember (the little plastic Tikes car, an old Cortina etc).

We then moved on to take a look around the house (or palace) which was interesting too.

It was a nice afternoon out, and I enjoyed going there. Be nice to go back when the weather is warmer !

Local “ish”

We did some local stuff, where the Covid regulations would let us. Weather wasn’t too bad, so we did a few trips out, but also relaxed a bit at home.

We went to the local auction house, and found several things we hadn’t realised we desperately needed ! 😂😂😂

Next was a short drive down to Littlehampton, which really isn’t far from us. Cute little place, looking like it needed some financial help due to the Covid. Nice there though. We had a coffee, but to eat, stroll onto the beach etc..