August 2021 – going back again

We did our Covid tests as planned, prepared the house, slipped out for a bite to eat etc ., used my camera to get some deer photos, and soon we were back at St. Pete’s airport, ready for a return flight to England again. We were looking forward to seeing our puppies again of course 😊😊

August 2021 – Stefan and Katie’s wedding

We went to the rehearsal and the rehearsal dinner the day before. Next morning, we got up, got coffee, and took a walk around the marina there at the resort. Lots of very expensive boats, but I suppose when you look at the location, it was inevitable.

Gregg loaned us his car, and Betsy and I drove down to a cute little town called Friday Harbor, which appeared to be where the ferries came in. We had a light lunch there, before we headed back to the resort again. Just a quick visit, and I guess at least we got to see something else. I got to wear my same shirt again, as the nice white one I’d had neatly laundered was still hanging on the hook back in my wardrobe 😂😂😂

The wedding ceremony itself went well, with a nice job done by one of Stefan’s friends who conducted the service. We then went across the road to the main hotel, where the reception was held, starting with some drinks and canapés which was nice. We were then moved into the main dining area for the meal etc.. I said a few words on behalf of those who couldn’t be there (travel bans and Covid) and then the day was over for us, as we then had to do our journey again in return.

This time out pilot was a young woman called Chelsea, who approached it all like “I get to go home when this shift is over” sort of matter of fact approach. Nice taking off straight over the resort as the sun was setting (and the party going on of course). Back to Boeing field, parked next to the plane , and next we were on board on our way back to St. Petersburg.

We got back to St. Pete’s early on the Sunday morning, and got straight to sleep again. Next day, we started preparations for returning to England again (Covid tests, house preparation, all that stuff.).

August 2021 – off to Washington

Stefan and Katie got married later in August, and we flew up to attend. It’s a long way to go from Florida, and took quite some planning, but I’m glad we were able to make it.

The day of the journey started at a somewhat reasonable time for us, with a 900am ish flight out of St Petersburg airport, heading up to Boeing Field, Seattle. Had a nice lunch on the plane, and saw some amazing sights as we came into Seattle.

Little bit of a layover at Boeing Field, as we waited for our charter connection on San Juan airlines, onwards to Roche Harbor. Time for a coffee or three, a few photos, then after an hour +, our little Cessna arrived to take us onwards. Saw more great scenes from such a great viewpoint.

Made it in good time to Roche Harbor, where Linda, Stefan and Gregg came to meet us at the ‘airport’. We went to our hotel, checked in, got a coffee, and after a brief wait, our room was ready. Before long, we were off to the rehearsal dinner. I enjoyed seeing Pieter again, as well as Stefan and Katie of course. With a 3 hour time difference to Florida, and travelling all day, it was time for an early night.